Take advantage of other traders’ knowledge and automatically copy their trades. Discover the best investors’ stats on the leaderboard and select who to copy.


Copy trading on InTraders is very easy: go to the leaderboard and see traders' stats, choose the one to copy and hit the Autocopy button


If you don't want to go all-in, you don't have to! Adjust the Autocopy ratio or set the specific investment amount anytime in the Autocopy section.


You can set Stop Loss and Take Profit limits to secure your trading profits and limit your potential losses.

Let others do the trading

Trading with InTraders is not just about finding the right asset and time to buy or sell. Choose one of the best investors in the leaderboard, start Autocopying them, sit back and relax!

Transparent trading stats

With a live account, you can see every trader’s win ratio, profit chart, average ROI and other data in their profile. Choose the one who best suits your risk appetite!

Get copied for extra bonuses

Receive copy bonuses every time someone copies your trade! Get a second income from your successful trading.

Let the numbers talk

Display your Sirix track record on InTraders. Transfer it from your Sirix trading account directly to InTraders and share your history of success with other traders!

Open the leaderboard

Go to the Top Traders section to see the leaderboard of InTraders best traders and their trading stats

Choose a trader

Use filters to find the investor you would like to copy. Hint: you can Autocopy multiple traders at once

Start Autocopying

Press Autocopy, set up the limits and you're good to go! You can manage your Autocopy details in the Auto Invest menu anytime.